What your kids are working on...

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Mr. Romanyshyn joined the Riverview team this year, and teaches 6th & 8th grade Science.


6th & 8th Grade

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Ms. McGlothen joined the Riverview team this year, and teaches 7th & 8th grade Science.


7th & 8th Grade

6th GRADE:

In 6th grade, students are diving into the world of science. What is science? How can we do good science, and how can we be safe while doing science. Students will have multiple hands-on learning opportunities to discover all that science can be! After studying general science, we will move onto the study of ecology and ecosystems.

7th GRADE:

In Mrs. McGlothen’s room, 7th grade students are learning about implementing the Claim, Evidence, Reasoning and Scientific Method when thinking about science processes. We are also learning to effectively work in groups. Practicing team roles, appropriate questioning and responses, and team behavior management is top of our priorities in these first few weeks.

8th GRADE:

In 8th Grade, students are learning to effectively work in groups. Many of our activities this year will involve group work. Students are learning: how to effectively question team members without giving them answers, how to listen and pay attention to team members, help others help themselves, and be concise in their answers and explanations. Hopefully, this ground work will help students be more successful all year.