Weekly Update | Jan 21 - 26

Mr. Wherry's class reading Unbroken together!

I hope you enjoyed your 3-day weekend and were able to get outside and spend time with each other!!

Quarter 3 has started out strong, and we appreciate you helping your child stay organized, check in on their infinite campus, read 30 minutes each night, and practice math for 25 minutes. Here are more resources on how to help your child with their Executive Skills.

Read more about what is happening in Math, Science, and Humanities.

Remember to send your child to school with appropriate clothing (hats, jackets, gloves, etc.). Students remain outside over 15 degrees, and they need the proper clothing to stay warm. If you need any assistance in acquiring warm clothing, please let us know!

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything going on at school or anything that we have coming up (see below)! 

As always, thank you for everything you do for your kids, for all of us in the middle school, and for Riverview.  Middle School can be a tricky time to maneuver, and we appreciate everyone working together as a team to support your kids.  

We appreciate all of you so much!

The Middle School Team

Upcoming Events:

January Habit of the Month : Executive Skills

Each month, we focus on a particular Habit of a Scholar.  Teachers and all Riverview Crew members are on the lookout for students exhibiting Executive Skills, and Crew lessons have an emphasis around Executive Skills. We appreciate your continued support in conversations surrounding Executive Skills at home.

Exhibiting strong executive skills means being able to plan, organize, and manage behaviors and responsibilities.

Students can show Executive Skills by:

  • Managing goals

  • Organizing tasks and responsibilities

  • Managing time

  • Managing impulses

  • Self-monitor and reflect to improve

  • Maintaining focus

  • Following procedures and directions

Articles & Resources:

Executive Functioning 101

Developmental Tasks

Questions & Statements to Promote Executive Skills

Activities for Adolescents

Ask your child which team they are on for the Osprey Spirit Games!!!