Weekly Update | Feb 3 - Feb 9

We are looking forward to another very full & busy week for Riverview students and teachers!

A link went out on Friday to schedule your Student Led Conferences. If you haven't done so yet, please read through this letter, and schedule your conference.

What's happening in classes? Take a moment to read through what's coming up in Math, Science, and Humanities.

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about anything going on at school or anything that we have coming up (see below)! 

As always, thank you for everything you do for your kids, for all of us in the middle school, and for Riverview.  Middle School can be a tricky time to maneuver, and we appreciate everyone working together as a team to support your kids.  

We appreciate all of you so much!

The Middle School Team

Upcoming Events:

February Habit of the Month : Compassion

Each month, we focus on a particular Habit of a Scholar.  Teachers and all Riverview Crew members are on the lookout for students exhibiting Compassion, and Crew lessons have an emphasis around Compassion. We appreciate your continued support in conversations surrounding Compassion at home.

Showing compassion means being considerate and respectful of self, others and the world around us.

Why it’s important: One of the main benefits to cultivating compassion in your child’s life is that research shows that being compassionate builds happiness and happiness is contagious. Scientific studies also suggest there are physical benefits to practicing compassion — people who practice it produce 100 percent more DHEA, a hormone that counteracts the aging process, and 23 percent less cortisol, the “stress hormone.”

Students can show Compassion by:

  • Helping and encouraging others

  • Being inclusive of diverse backgrounds

  • Showing generosity and appreciation

  • Demonstrating kindness and empathy

  • Honoring strengths and challenges of self and others

  • Seeking to understand other perspectives

Ask your child which team they are on for the Osprey Spirit Games!!!

General Reminders:

  • Cold Weather: Remember to send your child to school with appropriate clothing (hats, jackets, gloves, etc.). Students remain outside over 15 degrees, and they need the proper clothing to stay warm. If you need any assistance in acquiring warm clothing, please let us know!

  • Homework: We appreciate you helping your child stay organized, check in on their infinite campus, read 30 minutes each night, and practice math for 25 minutes. Here are more resources on how to help your child with their Executive Skills.