Riverview School Dress Code Policy

We appreciate your support in ensuring your student arrives at school wearing school-appropriate clothing in accordance with the Riverview Dress code policy.

Dress Code Policy: Please note the following regarding our expectations at Riverview. Students may be comfortable and casual and respectful in their attire. If a change of student attire is needed, every effort will be made to notify the parent and request a change of clothing. We ask that students dress for their environment - think of what you would wear to work in an office environment, as school is a student's job, and the classroom is their office. The following clothing and items are considered inappropriate for wear at school:

  • Halter, spaghetti or narrow straps, muscle shirts, midriff or belly shirts or short shorts.

  • Hats except on designated hat days. Hats should be placed in lockers or backpacks.

  • Hoods on hooded jackets or sweatshirts will not be worn in the school building

  • Skirts or shorts must reach fingertips when arms are held straight at sides.

  • Pajamas (except on designated pajama day) and house slippers.

  • Jeans with excessive rips and holes.

  • Clothing with inappropriate logos, advertising, or art.

  • Clothing that promotes by word or slogan alcohol, drugs, tobacco, violence, or gang affiliation.

  • Clothing which exposes stomachs or underwear (saggy pants).

  • Wallet chains, gauge plugs with pointed ends, and accessories with spikes.

  • Heelies without wheels are permitted. No wheels please.