Parent Guide to Student Led Conferences

Role of the Parent/Guardian

The parent/guardian is the second most essential attendee to the Student-Led Conference and should be briefed about the format and objectives of the SLC so that the conference runs smoothly.

The parent must be willing to let the student speak, saving questions until the end.

The parent/guardian arrives on time.

The parent/guardian shares any lingering concerns with the crew advisors who will inform the subject teacher.

The parent/guardian helps the student meet his or her academic and behavioral goals by supporting their progress at home.

Parent/Family Norms

  • Be fully present: Honor the process with open eyes and mind.

  • Seek first to understand: Listen, watch, and ask questions without judgment.

  • Ask questions: Clarify student reflections with respectful questions.

  • Enjoy yourself! Take pride in the process of your child’s learning

How can parents participate in Student-Led Conferences? ASK QUESTIONS!

Sample clarifying questions to ask students about pieces of work:

  1. Can you tell me why this piece is important to you?

  2. What does this piece of work say about you as a learner?

  3. Why is this piece of work important to you?

  4. What did you learn from that assignment?

  5. Is there anything you might now change about your work?

Sample questions to help students think more deeply about their growth:

  1. What did you learn the most about by completing this piece?

  2. What have you learned about completing work that is difficult for you?

Sample questions to help students think more deeply about potential areas of improvement:

  1. What things did you really have to concentrate on while you developed this piece?

  2. What things would you do differently if you were to continue to work on this piece?

  3. What could your teachers and parents do to help you learn?