Halloween Party & Costume Guidelines

This year Halloween at Riverview will be a time of festivities, fun, and frolic. Our goal is to continue learning and to create fun and memorable experiences for our children and families, while enhancing the safety and orderliness of our activities. Therefore, certain guidelines must be followed.

Please note the following:

  • Riverview’s Halloween party will be on Wednesday, October 31st in the afternoon from 1:30-2:00, including cleanup. Please have your child wear his/her costumes (preferably related to a character from a book) to school. Or if you prefer, your child will have the opportunity to change into his/her costume prior to the class party.


  • For safety reasons, NO masks for children or adults.

  • No references to illegal substances or activities (no alcohol or tobacco references (District policy).

  • No costumes of violence.

  • Please, no hair coloring, no makeup or glitter due to messes and time spent applying and cleaning up.

  • If parents attend the parties and bring younger siblings, we ask that parents keep a close eye on them and stay in charge of them.

  • If parents attend the parties, we also ask that they support the classroom teacher and the needs in the classroom.

Participation: Parents not wishing their children to participate in the parties may notify the school and we will have your child participate in a quiet activity outside the classroom doing something engaging and fun. Please notify your teacher ahead of time so supervision arrangements can be made.