8th Grade Content Update | November

Each month, we will update you with what is going on in Crew, Math, Science, & Humanities for 8th Graders. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to your child's teacher.

Crew & Social Emotional Development

All Riverview students are working on developing the habit of enthusiasm over the course of November. Students show enthusiasm by asking questions, showing self-efficacy through positive statements and actions, being open to and interested in new learning, taking on risks and challenges, and actively engaging with their content.

Students will learn more about the habit of enthusiasm through crew, and lessons will be reinforced through their content area.

Second Step

All middle schoolers are working through their second unit within Second Step - Values & Friendships. Students learn to identify their personal values and use those values to make good decisions and build strong, positive relationships.

Family Discussion Prompts:

  • Ask your child about some of his or her values. Talk about how their values are similar to or different from yours (without judgment).

  • Ask your child about the kinds of interactions they have online. Ask your child how they show their own personal values while interacting online.

  • Ask your child about any recent changes in friendships at school. Reassure your child that relationships change throughout our lives, and talk about ways to handle these changes.


8th Grade:

During the first week of November, we’ll be wrapping up our unit on linear relationships in 8th grade math, taking our Unit 3 Assessment on November 8th. The following Monday, we’ll begin working with linear equations and systems of linear equations with one solution, no solutions, and infinitely many solutions. We will interpret the meaning in both problem situations and graphs. This will be our final unit of the semester, concluding before we head off for winter break.

Math 1:

Throughout November, we’ll build on our understanding of linear functions by introducing inequalities, compound inequalities, and absolute value functions. Unit 4 focuses on understanding the properties of these functions and their various representations. We’ll practice solving for variables and expressing one variable in terms of others.


Working on the Colossal Collisions unit. We are studying motion and gravity and how solar bodies move and collide. The students are working on their science notebooks, planning a group project and an individual news article.


In our next unit, students will read and analyze Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. As with any of Shakespeare's plays, many rich themes are present; students will focus primarily on the theme of control. Characters in this play are controlled by emotions, other characters, and even magic. They often attempt to manipulate others in a variety of ways. Students will examine why the characters seek control, how they try to control others, and the results of attempting to control others. Students will build background knowledge as they explore the appeal and authorship of Shakespeare. Students will read much of the play aloud in a Drama Circle, and will frequently reread key passages to deepen their understanding. Students will analyze the differences between a film version of the play and Shakespeare's original script.