7th Grade Content Update | October

Each month, we will update you with what is going on in Crew, Math, Science, & Humanities for 7th Graders. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to your child's teacher.

Crew & Social Emotional Development

“By mid-adolescence, friends are the major providers of social support...close friends promote the social competencies and self-esteem of children...suggesting that close friends support resilience”

Making Grateful Kids

October is Bully Prevention Month, and our habit of focus is Compassion. Middle Schoolers will be working through a variety of lessons during crew in order to promote compassion and support towards themselves and others within and outside of the school community.

All Middle Schoolers have a lesson planned for them through crew in order to learn about the impacts of cyberbullying, and how to respond to cyberbullying. In our world of changing technology, quick disappearing pictures and messages, it is important for kids to understand how their actions impact others, and what to do if they feel bullied. Thank you for continuing these important conversations at home.

Here are a few resources for you regarding Compassion & Bully Prevention:

Stop Bullying

100 Affirmations for Kids

Second Step

All middle schoolers are working through their first unit within Second Step - Mindset & Goals. Students learn how to develop a growth mindset and apply it to their social and academic lives.

Family Discussion Prompts:

  • Ask your child to describe their own personality. Describe how you see them, how their personalities have changed, and the good that can come from that.

  • Ask your child about an adult they have met at school that they connect with. Tell them about an adult who has impacted your life growing up.

  • Ask your child if there is something new they would like to try, even if they are scared. Share something new you would like to try.


We will be starting off the month by finishing our 2nd Unit. The end of unit assessment will be October 3rd. We will come back from our short break and dive into Unit 3 about Measuring Circles. This unit will be broken out into two parts: Circumference and Area. We also might have to celebrate Pi Day early! :) The assessment for this will be before the end of the quarter/fall break. The start of second quarter will bring us to our 4th unit where we will go back to thinking about Proportional Relationships.


McGlothen’s students are currently working on their Balance in the Biosphere unit. They are working on Task 3 (Produce, Reuse, Recycle) and will be working on Task 4 (Ecological Interactions) next week. They are working toward a final team project where they create their own Hunger Games inspired arena/ecosystem.

Romanyshyn’s 7th grade class have just embarked upon their next unit: Natural Selection & Evolution. They are currently retracing Charles Darwin’s historic Journey aboard the HMS Beagle. Students will use a variety of assignments and hands-on activities to find out just how it is that life on Earth was able to diversify as much as possible!


The students will continue reading A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park. They will use this to study narrative and how culture can affect someone’s viewpoint. This will also allow us to look at the idea of national and state identity and how it can help or hurt a country's ability to be successful and at peace. This will be studied through reading and learning about the Sudanese civil war and the causes and effects of it for the country and its people.