7th Grade Content Update | November

Each month, we will update you with what is going on in Crew, Math, Science, & Humanities for 7th Graders. If you have any questions, please reach out directly to your child's teacher.

Crew & Social Emotional Development

All Riverview students are working on developing the habit of enthusiasm over the course of November. Students show enthusiasm by asking questions, showing self-efficacy through positive statements and actions, being open to and interested in new learning, taking on risks and challenges, and actively engaging with their content.

Students will learn more about the habit of enthusiasm through crew, and lessons will be reinforced through their content area.

Second Step

All middle schoolers are working through their second unit within Second Step - Values & Friendships. Students learn to identify their personal values and use those values to make good decisions and build strong, positive relationships.

Family Discussion Prompts:

  • Ask your child about some of his or her values. Talk about how their values are similar to or different from yours (without judgment).

  • Ask your child about the kinds of interactions they have online. Ask your child how they show their own personal values while interacting online.

  • Ask your child about any recent changes in friendships at school. Reassure your child that relationships change throughout our lives, and talk about ways to handle these changes.


Students will be working on Unit 4 during the Month of November and we will be taking the end of Unit Assessment the week before Thanksgiving Break. In this unit, students use ratios, scale factors, unit rates (also called constants of proportionality), and proportional relationships to solve multi-step, real-world problems that involve fractions and percentages.


McGlothen’s science class is working on the unit Mimicking Nature’s Design. The students are studying changes in ecosystems over time, thermodynamics principles, and recurrent cycles in nature to help them design their group project; a working aquaponics system. They will also produce, with a partner, an instruction manual for creating and running their own system.

Romanyshyn’s Science class has been digging into the past to try and uncover just where all this variety of life came from on Earth. We have finished up studying the process of natural selection and have begun identifying the evidence of evolution that is all over planet Earth!


In our next unit, students explore the concept of personal identity formation and transformation in both historical and modern-day societies. The unit begins with an overview of what "identity" means and how it can mean different things to different people. Students read informational text, identifying central ideas, analyzing how an author develops his or her claims, and identifying how the sections of the text interact to form those ideas. Unit 1 builds students' background knowledge in preparation for Unit 2, during which students closely read Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and further explore the identity transformation of the play's main character, Eliza Doolittle. This unit centers on standard RL.7.3, which focuses on how plot, character, and setting interact in literature.