PEAK and Gifted & Talented

What's the difference?

PEAK is advanced learning, differentiation, and modification for ANY student that needs a more challenging experience.  Students do not need to be identified as Gifted & Talented in order to receive differentiation within the classroom.


Gifted & Talented is an identification through the state of Colorado.  It is determined based on a body of evidence collected over time.  Students set goals through an Advanced Learning Plan that they work on over the course of the year.  This plan is evaluated at the middle of year and end of year to determine progress.

How are students identified as Gifted & Talented?

Students can be identified through a variety of channels.  Teachers and the PEAK coordinator collect and evaluate data through the following channels:  NWEA, CMAS & ACCESS.  The Naglieri universal screener is given to all students in the Roaring Fork School District in 2nd and 6th grade.  If a parent, teacher, or the PEAK coordinator need more information, they will be given the SIGS, and potentially the CogAT as additional data points.  

What does PEAK and Gifted & Talented look like at Riverview?

Kindergarten - 5th Grade:

Students are differentiated for within their homeroom course.  Depending on the student, schedule, and data, grade acceleration in math is possible. 

Middle School:

Students are differentiated for within their content area courses.  Students needing grade acceleration in math are given the opportunity to advance.  Students needing additional challenge are in an advanced Osprey Block group in order to meet their needs.


Students identified as Gifted & Talented work with the PEAK coordinator to develop and monitor their Advanced Learning Plans (ALPs).