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6th & 8th Grade

Ms. Magee joined the Riverview team this year, and teaches 6th & 8th grade math.


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7th, 8th & Math 1

Ms. Sprano joined the Riverview team this year, and teaches 7th, 8th & 9th grade math. 


Middle School Math Standards & Resources


Learning math is more than just computation.  It's learning how to be a problem solver.  

What your kids are working on...

6th GRADE:

Students have finished up their first two weeks of middle school math and are rocking it!  We started out with using our knowledge of area of squares and rectangles to find the area of parallelograms.  We also took round 1 of NWEA to get a baseline of where students are at and we look forward to seeing their growth.  As we move into September, we will continue working with area and surface area. We will have a mid-unit assessment over area around the 11th of September and the end of unit around the 24th of September.  Please see the weekly update about more specific learnings for each week. The last week of September, we will start Ratios! A great way to be involved with this is using recipes and changing the quantity they server.

7th GRADE:

We started off 7th Grade Math with a Bang!  We have started off with a unit on Scaled Drawings and took our first NWEA test of the year to get a baseline of where students are at.  We look forward to seeing their amazing growth throughout the year. We will continue with Scaled Drawings in September and have our first quiz on the 4th and our first unit assessment around the 16th of September.  We will then move into proportional relationships. In this unit, students develop the idea of a proportional relationship out of the grade 6 idea of equivalent ratios. Proportional relationships prepare the way for the study of linear functions in grade 8.  Students should expect a quiz about every three days during this unit to solidify their learning. Please reach out if you have any questions about the specifics we are learning each week of our units.

8th GRADE:

In our opening unit this year we’re learning about transformations - how figures move on both coordinate planes and isometric grids. We’ve taken our first NWEA test of the year to get baseline data so we can continue to track our growth in math over the course of 8th grade. We’ll continue this unit into September and have our first assessment around the 20th. Next we’ll move into similarity among figures, connecting back to what we learned about scale drawings in 7th grade and bringing us into an understanding of slope.

MATH 1: 

In Math 1 we’ve hit the ground running, taking on complex patterns and sequences and discussing how these visuals or situations connect to functions. These topics will segue into our upcoming unit where we’ll analyze linear and exponential functions to expand our mathematical and critical thinking skills. Our first performance assessment will be around September 10th.